Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana, LLC

            Your brain is just like your house. It stores everything that is important to you. It is a source of play and joy and wonder. It is filled with love and mystery. It is your special place.


            All special places need love, attention, and care. That is why we are going to build new connections for more effective learning this summer.


            Building can be fun. When we have fun, we learn and grow. Summertime is playtime, so let’s have fun building our brain house to be more wonderful than it already is.


            Through play, we will become more aware of our actions, we will better understand our freedoms and limits, we will learn to compete and cooperate with one another, and we will be able to communicate more effectively with our friends and family. First, we will think; second, we will recognize, label, and share our feelings; and third, we will choose wise actions. This is how we will do it.


Step 1: Lay the Foundation 


Step 2: Build four walls and a roof.


Step 3: Add windows and doors.

Step 4: Create the interior connections.


Step 5: Add the essentials.


Step 6: Enjoy the outcome.


Please click the respective links to view the Build-A-Brain Summer Program brochure and program letter to parents to find additional information about our program.